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Counter Flow Cooling Tower

counter flow cooling tower design, the air flow is opposite to the water flow. Air flow enters to an open area under the fill media, and is then drawn up vertically. The water is sprayed through pressurized nozzles near the top of the tower, and then flows downward through the fill, opposite to the air flow.

some of Advantages of the counter flow cooling tower design:

  • Spray water distribution makes the tower more freeze-resistant.
  • Breakup of water in spray makes heat transfer more efficient.

Few disadvantages of the counter flow cooling tower design:

  • Typically higher initial and long-term cost, primarily due to pump requirements.
  • Difficult to use variable water flow, as spray characteristics may be negatively affected.
counter flow cooling tower can be used in natural draft and in mechanical draft cooling towers.
Towertech has supplied counter flow cooling tower worldwide for all power and industry applications and all environmental conditions
References: more than 500 counter flow cooling tower have been installed worldwide
  • A close approach
  • Greater thermal efficiency
  • Higher energy saving
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Economy of initial as well as running cost with longer life
  • Turnkey solution
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Towertech is manufacturer of Counter Flow Cooling Tower,exports Counter Flow Cooling Tower to various part of the world like Asian Countries, europe and USA.
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