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Rectangular Cooling Tower
Also knows as Counter Flow Cooling Tower or Induced draft cooling tower

Modular Design:

Rectangular Cooling TowerOur Cooling Tower are modularly designed/Structured. Which ensures scalability with changing requirements. You can select with variety of models available to suit your requirements. Constructed with FRP CASING & BASIN and H.D.G. support structure which ensures suffcient structural strength.

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Aerodynamically Designed air intel louvers made of extruded PVC for least water losses.


Rectangular Cooling Tower - FanThe fan is directly driven, axial flow type made of light weight Aluminum casting and specially designed to ensure AEROFOIL section through out two blade length. This ensures energy savings and generate maximum air flow.



Rectangular Cooling Tower - MotorElectric motor is totally weatherproof enclosed in IP:55 construction, low RPM suitable for heated & humid condition.


Rectangular Cooling Tower - FillsOur honeycombed PVC fills are high performance, heavy duty, low weight, excellent resistance to corrosion. These offer a striking balance between maximum heat transfer surface area vis-à-vis minimum restriction to air flow.

Steel Structure:

All members like supporting structure, fan supports, motor stand are hot dip galvanized. Also bolts, Nuts and washers used are M.S. plated.

Towertech cooling tower is Leading Manufacturer and exporter of Counter Flow Cooling Tower,Induced draft cooling tower in India. 
  • A close approach
  • Greater thermal efficiency
  • Higher energy saving
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Economy of initial as well as running cost with longer life
  • Turnkey solution
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