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User Manuals

Cooling Tower Systems - Trouble Shooting

Lowering Cooling Capacity
Motor Stoppage Electric Blackout. Fuse Burn Out. Insufficient Switch Capacity. Bad Switch Contact. Contact Power Co. 2 Get Proper Fuse. Change the Proper Switch. Adjust Contact.
Sudden Lowering of Motor R.P.M. Bad Star-Delta Contact. Too Heavy Loads. Lowering of Voltage. Adjusts Contact. Lighten to Proper Load. Consult Power Company.
Fan Stoppage Bad Bearing. Exchange Bearing.
Temperature Rise
Motor Temp. Rise. Too Heavy Load. Lowering of Voltage. High Surrounding. Lighten Load to Proper Level. Consult Power Company. Send Out to Repair Shop.
Rise in Water Temperature
Water Flow Above Specified Flow. Correct Flow Rate.
Air Flow Below Specified Flow. Adjust Blade Angles Check and Clean Jali.
Load Higher than Design. Adjust Load to correct Flow Rate.
Fills Chocked or coated. Clean/Replace Fills. Use Proper Water Quality (Make Up)
Fresh Air Intake not sufficient or area sufficient or area near tower not as specified. Improve Ventilation and Ensure Exhaust air does not get recycled.
Water Bypassing Fills. Check Sprinkler Head and Pipe Leakages.
Sprinkler Jammed/Water not being Sprinkled and Distributed. Repair Sprinkler and Distribution System.
Water Flow Less
Filters Chocked Clean Water Filters
Sprinkler Pipe Chocked Clean Pipes and Holes
Level of Water Low in sump Adjust Float/Inlet Flow Proper Make-up
Pump Small Replace to Correct Flow Volume
Air Flow Low
Fan Speed Low Check Bearing/Motor
Fan Blade Angle Incorrect Correct Blade Angle to Required Setting
Inlet Jali Chocked Clean Air Path
Noise & Vibration
Fan Mounting Loose Tighten Mounting Bolts and Correct/Replace if needed.
Fan Blocks Loose Tighten Blade in Hub
Fan Unbalanced Rebalance and Adjust
Motor Bearing Faulty Check and Grease or Replace Bearing on Motor
Hub Mounting on Motor Shaft Loose Tighten and use end Plate and shims if required
Many Parts Rubbing againt Tower Component Give Proper Clearance and Adjust/Align Components.
Water Carry Over
Sprinkler Rotation too Fast Adjust Sprinkler Angles as to MAtch the specified rotation
Blocking of Filter Clean up any blockage part
Defective Eliminator Renew Eliminator
Sprinkler too high above fills Adjust as specified below
25 M.M. FT –8 TO FT-30
50 M.M. FT-40 TO FT-80
75 MM. FT-100 AND UP

Maintenance Schedule

Every Day:
  • Vibrations Are Normal/Noise Normal.
  • Water Distribution Proper.
  • Fan Motor Current Normal.
  • Inlet/Outlet Temperature Of Water Normal.

Every Week:

  • Clean Inlet Jali To Remove Entrained Matter.
  • Clean Inlet Water Filter.
  • Clean Sprinkler / Nozzles If Chocked.
  • Check Growth of Alger Etc. And Remove From Sump.

Every Month:

  • Drain Tank, Flush Out and Remove Any Sediment.
  • Check Fills If Clogged Due To Algae, Sediment / Salts, Etc.
  • Check Structure / Frp Casing and Basin Damage and Repaired If Necessary.
  • Clean From Outside With Soap and Water.
  • Check And Tight All Bolts.
  • Smear Bolts with Grease to Facilitate Easy Opening the Next Time.

Every Six Months:

  • Grease All Bearings Of Motors.
  • Grease All Bearings Of Sprinklers.
  • Check Run out On Fan Motor Shaft.
  • Clean Blades Of Foreign Matter.
  • Check Fills If Damaged And Replace.
  • Enlace Bearing Of Sprinkler Assembly After 2 Years And Fill With Grease.
  • A close approach
  • Greater thermal efficiency
  • Higher energy saving
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Economy of initial as well as running cost with longer life
  • Turnkey solution
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